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Now that they have established the characters, origin, etc. they can pack a lot more into upcoming films. The first movie did very well at the box office, but got mostly negative reviews. I'm sure that they are trying harder to please fans with this new movie and not kill the franchise. I have been wanting to see a live action Bebop and Rocksteady and Krang since I was a kid. I remember how disappointed I was seeing Tokka and Rahzar from SOTO. I'm just hoping this "alien invasion" thing is not aliens but Krang and Dimension X. They seem to have wanted Dimension X to be a part of this franchise since earlier drafts of the first movie. Even though it's not very good, I do enjoy watching the first film. I usually fast forward through all of the Eric Sachs/ April O'Neil stuff and just watch the scenes with the turtles, which I think are entertaining and well done. I watch it with the mindset that I'm watching a cheezy B movie or... well, Ninja Turtles.
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