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Originally Posted by Shred Head View Post
Sadly Renew Your Vows wont replace Amazing its going to its own thing in it own universe. Although I recommend buying it since its got a great writer and artiest on it. Amazing seems to be sticking with Dan Slott and the Corporate CEO crap. But if sales and and reviews are strong it could always be turned around like DC did with Superman in Rebirth.

As for Venom they have not revealed that info but I think they did say it wont be Flash. I'm hoping it will be Eddie but my guess it will probably be someone new and if its following the trend it will probably be a 15 year old genius Black Girl Marvel seems to love doing that lately.

Eddie Brock despite defining the character never held his own ongoing only miniseries. It would be cool to see him return to form in a title. One more information is given I am switching titles. ASM has bored me.
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