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Originally Posted by plastroncafe View Post
It's stuff like this that makes me think gun owners should be required to have insurance.
Nope, not at all. It's a right. Mandatory insurance just to be able to exhibit a basic constitutional American right is...

Such a motion would be sued out of existence as soon as it entered the ballot, and rightly so. And "good guys with guns hitting innocents" accounts for about 0.000005% of anything (though it's a very, very popular, "W-w-w-well what if??!!" from the gun-fearing left), so if anything, that could be covered federally or within the state. Definitely the accidental victim should not be on their own in the wind to cover costs, though, no. Though certainly if I was clustered in the corner of a gymnasium with a crazed shooter running roughshod with untold number of clips... even a super slim 5% chance of 1 person with the gumption of mustering some kind of defense with a firearm would seem a lot more comforting vs. the 100% chance of what would unfold if 0 people did or could do absolutely nothing about it. Maybe I get clipped in the shoulder? Maybe even in the head? Maybe that saves 10 extra lives, or maybe 5, or maybe 0. But there's that against the absolute certainty that shooter gets to kill whoever it wants to kill for as long as it takes for SWAT to break in, which will be about the same duration as an episode of "Friends."

Originally Posted by sdp View Post
Jackass was great, I'm pretty sure it's more of a millenial thing though even if the Jackass guys were likely Gen Xers.
Jackass was a "Generation Everybody" under the age of 45 when it came out all the way to the last movie. Though even my dad got a kick out of it on a guilty pleasure level, and he was 70.

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