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There's proof he was bullied? Aside from what I'm seeing online of his dad saying that's what he believes?

Though even if not true I can't fault a no doubt distraught parent for desperately trying to explain how this even happened and how his child would commit something so horrendous. But I hope he's giving serious thought to his OWN role with regards to the safe keeping of his own weapons... Not to mention missing or ignoring possible red flags.

Even if he was bullied long term, why are people in the lives of kids like this dropping the ball on teaching them how to respond to such situations? Not to mention that you don't murder your crush when it isn't mutual. No one is exempt from heartbreak or has the authority to "punish" someone for "making" you feel it.

Do kids like this have the same parents who will argue with a teacher over a bad grade or disciplinary issue instead of talking to their own child about it? Bad things are always someone else's fault?

It sounds like he was already harassing that girl himself... If someone has to embarrass you in front of a room, probably as a last resort, to try to tell you loud and clear to back the hell off then it is a problem that has already gone on way too long.

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You toughen up. You roll. You duck. You fight back (when you know you can win). You pick your battles wisely. You find inner strength, then temper it. You remind yourself that you're a better human being than the people trying to drag you down. You develop principles and stick to them. You develop integrity. You remind yourself that this stage of your life isn't going to be forever, and one day you'll be able to change your situation. You self-improve. You lead by example. You find a way to love yourself, in spite of what others think, because they don't matter and their words can't hurt you. You surround yourself with like-minded people and support each other. You don't cave in to peer pressure. You don't associate with the dregs and lowlifes of society. You remind yourself that life is about reacting to things, because you can't control them, and that everything - EVERYTHING - in life is about choices, and that you, yourself, can choose to be a hero, a villain, a victim, or a warrior, but YOU define it. Nobody else. They WILL try. But they can't. Life WILL abuse you, people will treat you unfair, but you're the one who decides whether you get back up or lay on the ground, turn the other cheek or pick up a loaded gun.

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