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I didn’t think the CGI in Christmas: Impossible (The closest thing we’ve ever gotten to a Ducktales sequel) was that bad and that was one of the early CG productions from Disney. No matter what they choose, “traditional” or computer, I just don’t think it’s going to look as good as the original show. The budget for television animation nowadays isn’t what it used to be. However I also think Disney realizes the legacy of these characters (and not just Ducktales but the original Carl Barks comics.) and we’ll at least get something slightly above average.
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I sincerely hope they don't use the original cast - Alan Young hasn't been so young for several decades now (95-years-old!).
Alan Young just voiced Scrooge this year in “Goofy’s First Love”. I don’t think he’s leaving the character anytime soon, nor should he.

In closing, I just hope the show is successful enough to bring back Darkwing Duck.
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