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Originally Posted by Candy Kappa View Post
I really don't get the hate for CGI...
I'm sick of seeing it so much. I hate that there are no traditionally animated theatrical releases any more. I hate that nobody seems to care about it any more. I've always vastly preferred it, and while I don't mind CGI for some things, so many cartoons are using it when traditional animation would look so much better.

For things like Toy Story and Transformers, CGI works in their favour. For things like Frozen that heavily feature human characters, it's an awful choice, because I don't like the way humans are often stylized in CGI. I think they look ugly. A good example is the boy from Up. I really don't like the way he looks. That movie, as much as I love it, would have been infinitely better-looking if it had been traditionally animated.

I can't see DuckTales looking good in CGI, either. Also, one must remember that the CGI used in cartoons is generally much lower budget than the stuff you see in movies, and even if season 1 looks good, there's no telling what future seasons may look like if budgets get cut. A slight difference would be seriously noticeable with CGI, whereas with traditional animation it wouldn't be so severe.
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