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Official Mutant Apocalypse Arc Discussion (SERIES FINALE)

This will be a mega discussion thread for the three episodes (consisting of: 518 - The Wasteland Warrior, 519 - The Impossible Desert & 520 - Carmageddon!) airing tonight at 9:00pm EST on Nicktoons.

An older, weathered Raphael battles road gangs in a post-apocalyptic mutant wasteland.
These three episodes take place 50 years in the future. Verminator Rex (based on Verminator X) will be a villain in the arc.


Note #1: These are airing on Nicktoons, not Nickelodeon. So if you don't get the Nicktoons channel, you may have to find another way to see these.

Note #2: Yes, "Carmageddon" is technically the series finale, even though the monster arc and crossover arc have not officially aired on television yet. Regardless, these episodes were intended as a series finale arc. Whether if you feel this arc, the crossover arc (which Nick seems to want as the finale), Owari, or End Times work as the better ending is up to you after this airs.

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