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Stone and Shadows (Turtles 2003/Gargoyles crossover)

This is going to be an A.U RPG set during the Outbreak story-arc. What if the fights between the turtles and the mutations caused by Agent Bishop had attracted the attentions of Xanatos Enterprises and others. What if David Xanatos decided to 'invest' in his own mutant or two, but to do so, he must capture one of the turtles and so the four brothers find themselves dragged into new dangers and potential new allies....

For those who read the comics, Ninjara's and Dreadmon's backgrounds will be heavily altered for this RPG, and for those who take the turtles, I do need one to be captured, please. This will be kind of dark, involving kidnapping and genetic experiments.



If you go out of character, please frame it so that we know you've gone out of character.

Think about your posts, make sure that they makes sense and use grammar so the other players can read your posts.

No insulting or harassing the other players. Be respectful towards others and they will be respectful towards you.

Can people not post 'a mile a minute', it's not fun if other players are left proverbially left eating someone's dust.

Keep the RPG PG! No over the top swear-words, R or NC-17 rated stuff, graphic violence and other adult themes.

Read the previous posts before replying so you don't miss anything. No one-liner posts, trolling or spamming. If you think someone is doing this, please inform me.

No superpowerful characters who can do everything. No calling damage. No constantly dodging, no killing someone's character without said person's permission.

A limited amount of original characters are welcome here! Please feel free to mix and match fan-characters and canon characters! While I am accepting a few fan characters, I would like the main characters claimed as well.

Family and/or romantic relationships between any functional characters have to discussed by the said characters' players. If the other player says, "No," accept it and do not harrass, flame or insult them. Fan characters may not instantly know the turtles, Gargoyles or any of the canon humans.



Turtles Rosta
Agent Bishop: Ava Collier
April O'Neil: CharmedSerenity
Baxter Stockman: Ava Collier
Casey Jones: Ava Collier
Donatello: CharmedSerenity
Dreadmon: CharmedSerenity
Leonardo: Ava Collier
Michaelangelo (and Klunk): CharmedSerenity
Ninjara: CharmedSerenity
Raphael: Sunshine
Rat King: Ava Collier
Slash: Slash
Splinter: Ava Collier

Gargoyles Rosta
Angela: CharmedSerenity
Brentwood: Slash
Broadway: Ava Collier
Brooklyn: Ava Collier
Burbank: Slash
David Xanatos: Sunshine
Delilah: Slash
Demona: Sunshine
Elisa Maza (and Cagney): CharmedSerenity
Fox Xanatos (and Alex): Sunshine
Goliath: Sunshine
Hollywood: Slash
Hudson & Bronx: Ava Collier
Malibu: Slash
Puck/Owen Burnett: Sunshine
Sevarius: CharmedSerenity
Thailog: Slash

Alex: Leonardo07
Anya: CharmedSerenity
Ava Collier: Ava Collier
Corey Finkelstein: Ava Collier
Moth: Ava Collier
Gloria Summers: Zoey
Favorite incarnations: 2k3 animated series, 2014 & 2016 movies and the IDW comics.

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