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Originally Posted by Ava Collier View Post
((That wouldn't be a voluntary move for her, but I was thinking it yes. I just have to figure out why exactly she'd be chosen as a target, since she's somewhat high profile. Hehe Sunshine, play whoever you want, she wants the characters filled out Like...if you don't want Casey, I'll take him. Aaaaaaand...yes I think I could play Broadway, 'cept I know he was at one time posessed, and he's like...all in love with Angela, and- HOCRAP! I'd have to deal with April and I really that brave? o.0
HALP! BRAIN IS BORKED! *clings to Sunshine*

...O_O Leatherhead...available...again? *runs in circles* I DUNNO WHAT TO DO!))
Well, it could just be Ava is in the wrong place at the wrong time and gets kidnapped to prevent her being a witness. When Xanatos wanted to create creatures before, he got his doc to recuit homeless people.

As for the Broadway problem, Angela can wind up with someone else, this is an Alternate Universe.

*goes to update character list*
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