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I'm in a little bit of a financial pinch so if somebody wants to buy a whole lot of items I will give them a good deal.

For $250 you get...
A signed artist proof Usagi (175 retail) plus the
The 3 signed comics listed/pictured above (2 Chris Johnson, 1 Kevin Eastman)

or for $350 you get...

Everything mentioned above plus the 2 signed figures listed/pictured above as well. So 3 comics, 2 signed Eastman figures, and 1 signed w/ sketch Usagi artist proof.

Only offering this deal for the next few days. Message me if interested. Would possibly make a good resell lot if you're into that.

Shipping billed separately, based on location. Paypal only.

Thank you to evan2000 for the AWESOME gif! <3
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