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Oh that's sad, it would have been such a easy face to make with the sculpts being sculpted in 3D, just put the standard frown into a smile. Still getting it if it's not too badly prized online, I don't have the single card Hydra agent, he's been way too pricey whenever I've looked for him on eBay.

Aaw, I just checked the Sinister Six boxset and it's 3.75" scale. I didn't catch that watching the Fwoosh's video of the hasbro panel. I was hoping for a new Doc Ock and slipper wearing Kraven for 6" scale. I'm on the fence about the Defenders set, it's cool, but I already have IF and DD, and it's something about Luke's face-sculpt that don't appeal to me, so I'll probably wait until a MCU Luke appears.

Vintage style Spidey looks superb, I don't have a good adult Spidey so I'll probably get this one unless the Spidey & MJ pack isn't going down in price (sometimes MJ alone goes for okay prices), Pizza Spidey's face is better looking then Superior's face.

Originally Posted by snake View Post
The large purple guns on Domino are seriously pissing me off. Who thought that was a good idea?
Ugh, yeah. The guns looks so dumb, just give us realistic guns already. Even 12" Deadpool had Nerfguns. I guess it's the same jackwagons that said no to Revoltech Wolverine having a cigar...

the Tomytech Little Armory at least have some nice guns she can have.
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