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Originally Posted by CyberCubed View Post
I honestly have no idea. I'm pretty sure I discovered this place around 2001/2002. I knew of since 1997 which was the official Mirage website, but it had no forums.

It was basically around the time the 2k3 cartoon was starting that I wanted to discuss it but I still didn't post here till 2004, till a year later. I was still regularly posting on IGN at the time as my "main forum" so I didn't start coming to other places till a few years later.

I wonder why I didn't register sooner, but I don't know. This is going back nearly 15 years so...
How would you guess you discovered it around 2001/2002? You might have used Ask Jeeves?

I remember years ago when you wanted to visit a website you had to actually know the domain name and type it in. For example,
I could imagine people years ago had found the website somehow and then noticed the forum section. But now some folks only know of the forums because of using search engines. Just a quick search and click without even typing the actual domain name. They don't even know about the website. There were a lot of websites I never knew about back in the day because search engines weren't as popular and I never heard the address mentioned before.

Originally Posted by snake View Post
I looked up "TMNT forum" in December of 2012.
Simple and direct. I like that.
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