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Originally Posted by neatoman View Post
"All"? Tell me, where's the IDW issue or Nick episode featuring Don Turtelli the tickling mob boss? Or Mad Dog McMutt, who lived in a giant fire hydrant? Or Bugman?
You know I meant the major villains. Either way, they just replaced old mob bosses with new ones. Nick has the fat mob boss who was in 3 episodes, IDW had Lupo and his gang working for Dun. What's the difference? There will always be mob/gangsters in TMNT. They don't have to be the same exact characters but they all serve the same purpose.

Like I said, I don't think Slash for example came back because because he was a good character ("I WANT MY BINKY!"), more because he was an OK concept the writers could do whatever they wanted with because the original character varied between bland and lame. Why do you honestly think Tom Waltz would dig up a character from season 8 who turns into a bug when absorbing electricity? Because he's such a famed and interesting character? No, he did it because the story required a mercenary group and there he found one.
Slash is a maniac turtle and an uneasy ally, he is a very easy character to use again.

Also you know good and well IDW/Nick have already brought back or used the majority of big villains from the original cartoon or 90's era in general.
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