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Originally Posted by Tony Day View Post
Hi all. Recently some people were asking about my Turtle fan comics, Turncoat, Superluminal effect and Green Machine. One very nice guy who does a turtles podcast called Shellheads asked for the files so they could be made into a more easier to read cbr file. I thought this was a good idea as my website hasn't been updated since the late 90s so its a bit of a pain to navigate. . Anyways, ive included a link to those cbz files in case anyone else want to have them. Cheers all and thanks Sergio again for putting them together. P.s. the link will die in 2 weeks so if anyone wants them just message me and ill re-upload em.
Link doesn't seem to be working for me. Check the sharing settings and make sure the "copy link" is correct.

Glad to hear your comics are still getting some love many years after you started Turtle Turncoat!

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