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I'm not sure if I should put some of the bad films I love on the list...

Well here they are in no particular order:

1. TMNT (90)
2. Dark Knight
3. Spider-man 2
4. X-2
5. Mrs. Doubtfire (and several other Robin Williams films)

TV Shows
1. TMNT (87 and 2k3)
3. Duck Tales
4. Gargoyles
5. Animaniacs

Some honorable mentions:

The Kevin Smith View Askew-niverse Films (Yes, even Mallrats)
The Superman Movies (Except maybe 3)
The (even numbered) Star Trek Movies
The Star Wars Saga
The Planet of the Apes Films
The Indiana Jones Trilogy (Crystal Skulls is OK, too)
The Batman movies

Family Guy
American Dad!
Mission Hill
SNL (the late 80's and 90's, Farley, Sandler to Farrell and Hammonds)
Still like the Simpsons
The other 90's Disney shows

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