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Originally Posted by frank_one View Post
T.D. Tossin' Leo (Sports Turtles)
Storage Shell Turtles
Movie Star Turtles
Sewer Scout Raph (Wacky Wild West Turtles)
Cave-Turtle Leo and his Dingy Dino (Cave Turtles)
Ninja Action Turtles
Giant Movie Star Turtles
Creature from the Black Lagoon Leonardo (Universal Monsters)
Giant Turtle Trolls
Sumo Turtles
Raphael (Jim Lee TMNT)
Muta Force Turtles
Would a Warrior Metalhead Raphael, Donatello, and Leonardo (if they were made) and two Warrior Chromedomes [each in one of the signature ‘88 Shredder colors (dark blue and purple) in metal] (if it were made) have been on your list?

Did you like the Ninja Action figures over the ‘88 originals?

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