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Originally Posted by mikey0 View Post
The plastic metal used for Warrior Chromedome was tranquil blue, but I suppose it works as a substitute to a darker blue Warrior Chromedome.

I thought it was great that Metalhead and Warrior Metalhead Michelangelo had Warrior Chromedome, Robotic Bebop, Robotic Rocksteady, and the Robotic Foot Soldier to battle. A Robotic Splinter and Robotic April might have been great editions to this ‘toy line within a toy line’, but those characters were never popular with children the way that the other first wave characters were. The Splinter toy variants left pegs quicker than the April ones (with the exception of the first two wave one April variants), but most children wanted the first wave turtles out of all five of the good guys from the first basic wave.
The robotic warriors were extremely disappointing to me. Incredibly fragile. Like the vac metal was ridiculously brittle.
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