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Is there a better source than that? Don't get me wrong, I've never known NickAlive to be wrong, but it's still not an official statement.

Originally Posted by Dejablue View Post
Is it being replaced with more spongebob?.....welp first OK K.O. gets canceled and now this. And I don't even like Rise. But it deserves better than to be dumped into Nicktoons to die.

EDIT: Wait isn't Rise getting a movie? So this can't be the end yet.

My understanding (if I'm wrong, someone please correct me) is that the movie was greenlit waaay early in the show's life, and Netflix was snapping up lots of movie deals - we've already gotten Invader Zim and Rocko's Modern Life movies. They most likely said "and we'll do a movie of whatever the current TMNT is too."
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