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My predictions:

I see the Bears beating the Seahawks. The Hawks will be better than they were when the Bears busted them up earlier in the season, but i dont think even Shaun Alexander will be enough to help them out.

I like the Eagles over the Saints. The Eagles are on a roll, possibly the hottest team in the NFC. Westbrook can be a monster runner. They seem to believe.

I want the Colts to beat the Ravens. The Colts are a sleeper team in this years playoffs. Little hype about them this time around. Manning played terrible, and they still won. If he can get on track and the defense plays like they did against KC, they can win. Ask the "Greatest show on turf" Rams of a few years back, offense can win a championship.

Im hoping the Chargers bust open the Patriots. I hate the Pats, but i admit they are a good team. However, i fear "Martyball" may hit the Bolts, so of the four games this is the one im least certain about. I go with the Chargers though.

Anybody notice how much better last weeks NFC playoff games were? They both went down to the last minute.
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