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I couldn't pass up this thread.

I was in Bulgaria a few years back (consequentally, throughout 2005 I was within 20 miles of Serbia's border stationed in Kosovo, so Hail to you P T!) and when I was in Bulgaria I hit a black market and found some Ninja Turtle figures and picked them up. Mint in the bag!

There's that 'Knot's Moveable (Articulados) Turtles' signage again.

Anybody understand Bulgarian?

I thought I had picked up the whole set, but for some reason I can only find Leo and Mikey. If I remember correctly, I paid 4 lev a piece for them, which at the time equaled to about $2 a turtle. But alas, I don't remember entirely. I picked them up for kicks and giggles. There is definitely a difference in quality with these vs the legitimate action figures.


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