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Thanks for the feedback guys, it means a lot.

Originally Posted by Redeemer View Post
Really awesome art work. How long have you been studying art at school?? just curious.
Good job on everything and especially coloring. Usually you see a person either be really good at Line art or someone thats really good at Coloring/Inking but you have a good handle on both it looks like impressive to say the least.

I am curious do you do traditional pencil and paper with marker/ water color or do you do digital as well???
I'm a junior in college and I've been an art major for 5 of my 6 semesters here. So a little over 2 years. I draw everything traditionally, but sometimes I'll do the coloring digitally. Everything in this thread up until Treecko was digitally colored, aside from the 2012 Pokemon & figure drawing. Treecko onward was colored with markers. I've never bothered with watercolors lol.

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