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i'm glad someone likes it . and i'm also happy it looks ok in movement too... sometimes still good and movement good are two different things.

In 2000, I started experimenting with 3D Turtles. In 2008 I started experimenting with animation. In 2012 I felt it was time to try a project. Around that time, the 2012 turtle series also started. I thought it would be a fitting tribute to the series. my thoughts on that series got off to a rocky start, as I soon realize it wasn't being targeted toward me...and after a rocky encounter with the series producer, the ONLY turtle personality I have had a problem with in 20 support of it gradually grew to nothing. among other issues with the show that just made it less enjoyable than other iterations. But, the Project itself went on. and now, 5 years later, and 4 complete 22 minutes done (Two Twice) seems fitting that for the most part this will end with the episode that it started with. The Big Rip Off. Final upload in a few days.
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