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(1990)- It has so many memorable moments and good lines to me, some of the best for me are
Shredder-Find her...silence her.

Raphael- (bringing April in) I dunno Leo I wanted to redecorate. Ya know a couple throw pillows a T.V. News reporter, what do ya think Leo?

Splinter- (coldest lines in the movie) Death comes for us all, Oroku Saki, but when you die it will be...without honor.

(SOTO)- The stupid dance sequence.

Raph's junkyard fight.

Leo- *whistles* Wishbone crunch on 3!!

The end credits with Ya kid K and the TMNT having to do flips for effing up


The Nightclub scene with Tarzan Boy blasting and the feudal guards dancing.

TMNT 07- Leo and Raph fight

TMNT 2014- The elevator scene and the Shredder fight.

OOTS- Every time Bepop & Rocksteady say "Mah man!!" for no reason.
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