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I just realized something that I don't think I ever cared about before.

In the final episode of the show, we see a few notable things happen:

- Splinter gives the Turtles their final training lesson. Its also quite enjoyable since there weren't as many scenes of Splinter training the Turtles in this series as in the 4kids show.

- April gets kidnapped and has to be rescued in her final episode, bringing a running theme of the character from Episode 1 back into play.

- Mike says "Cowabunga" one last time as the Van is driving off the cliff.

- Of course seeing the Technodrome all run down and destroyed brought some fitting closure to the show.

- Krang's android body being used to stop the main villain is ironic given when Krang tried to use it to squash the Turtles in Season 1's finale.

I also love how at the very end, Splinter says that he is no longer their sensei but their equal. The Turtles finally became more than students, they were full fledged ninja.

This is some things you wouldn't think about if it was any other random ep of the show, but since it was the finale these moments are quite fun to take note of.
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