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Originally Posted by mrmaczaps View Post
Yeah man. For real. I'm the one that doesn't care at all at the Wolfs continued degredation of all further versions of Turtles.

I'd like to see Krang go away, never see or hear "Kraang" again...
Bebop & Rocksteady left naked on some animal planet, forever....
Shredder stay dead for a good, long time...
The creation of a villain or villains that have more substance...
Utroms more and more... name one Krang but zero focus on him if you must.

Serious tone to the stories... Lets have some focus on the Ninja part, grow them past the Teenage part and stop mutating the masses for fun... Just throw a random two part comic stpryline of a future Raph, alone, grumpy as heck kicking small rodents and grumbling... of Mikey writing or drawing (and maybe mimick some of the current writers/artists lives)... Give Donnie a big invention that changes things but he has to let April or someone else take the credit for it... Leo get more training... Exile for something crazy.

I like linear tales.... but I also like short bits and pieces that don't otherwise add to the long game other than telling a great story. Which is why I dig the randomness of the Mirage tales... Tales of had some great stories, even if not all of them had proper conclusions...
This would be great for another comic incarnation be like this down the line, but I never want to see any of these things happen to IDW continuity. IDW is it's own thing now, Fred Wolf elements and all. It's far more lighthearted and full of hope than mirage, and turning it into Mirage-lite at this juncture would be an insult to both Mirage and IDW.

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