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Originally Posted by kolaida View Post
I could relate a little too well to The Cockroach Terminator and had trouble watching it but I did think it was funny. One of the many reasons, I loved Humungous Fungus so much, I was actually busting up laughing at something I usually cringe at and have panic attacks over. I really do not like cockroaches, lol!
I have a fear of Palmetto bugs, they are the worse, because they will crawl up a wall, then dive bomb your ass. No joke. I know they can't hurt you, I just don't like this giant flying cockroach coming after me. The way Raph acts with the little roaches is exactly how I act, it's probably why the episode was hilarious for me, it came close to home.

And this is typical of most Floridians. We want to kill the suckers, but we're too afraid to get near it!

Now, the Humungous Fungus episode, it is funny, especially when Leo is seeing the fantasia part. If someone don't laugh at that, then I don't know what to say. You got no sense of humor. But, it did it's job as a good one shot episode, and I don't feel they need to make another one.

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