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Originally Posted by Panda_Kahn_fan View Post
Yeah, setting him up in the first one does make sense. Use small fry like the dragons for film one, to give the Tmnt their first victory. Movie two shredder literally destroys them after they come after him to fulfil their mission, and they flee to Northampton to recover. Movie three is your return to NY, and they finally slay him. Movies post trilogy go 'what do we do from here?"
Then while the Turtles are in space on Earth you can show how the foundation of NYC is starting to crumble because of the Turtles killing Shredder. April and Casey's relationship (assuming you have them hook up in the first place?) begins to show it's cracks. I would end this with a somewhat happy note like the first one.

5th movie (round of applause if we make it this far) Have April already in California and she recaps the events as to why she is there. 2nd time around gets destroyed by rogue Foots seeking revenge on the Turtles making April cut ties with them. retreating to their lair The Foot follow them and try to cave them in separating Splinter for the Rat King story while the Turtles go to the surface at this point Stockman a new player makes his move and the Mob, Purple Dragons and the Foot all utilize his tech to gain the upper hand while he sits back and makes money off their misfortune. Eventually Karai arrives to help the Turtles gain control.

I didn't include Casey in this heavily as I want him to disappear from the narrative for this one movie and the next one focusing on him trying to piece together his life like April and Turtles before ending with him returning to NY with Shadow (Because the Mirage comics shouldn't be the only version she appears in)
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