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Originally Posted by Panda_Kahn_fan View Post
You know what? I've been on the fence for this for years. But recently, I've been coming more and more of the opinion that the fandom needs to unite behind a single concept for a TMNT reboot. I know we all would like our own little ideas on what a TMNT movie should be. Well, I think we should all try to push the powers that be with a single vision for Ninja Turtles; a gritty, hard, edge of the line riding PG-13-film trilogy, based on Mirage, with martial arts, vengeance, and violence.

Why am I, an avid IDW/Archie fan who's been indifferent to Mirage, pushing for something based (mostly) on the source material? Because I'm sick of the maltreatment of the turtles. I hated what bay did to them, and something based on the original comics would at least be entertaining, and a step up from four Shreks who learned martial arts from a book. And what of the goal of getting the Fred Wolf characters in a film? As bad as the movie was, we got that goal, mission accomplished; Krang, Rocksteady, Bebop, and Vernon have made it to the big screen. We can always pull those DVD/blu-rays out, and see our favorite childhood characters now, and nobody can take that away. Now, it's time to bring some dignity back to the TMNT, and I think Mirage might be the right way forward.

The time is ripe; next years new cartoon might reignite TMNT interest, and it's painfully obvious Micheal Bay and Platinum Dunes have washed their hands of the franchise after OOtS tanked. We know there are people from Viacom watching this board. If the fandom could put aside the 'I want the movie based on this version, I want a movie based on that version!" And try to present a single list of wants for a tmnt film, there is a small, thin, slim chance something might tickle back to the bean counters in power? Now, would something like that change their mind? Of course not! The online fandom is a tiny sliver of their profit margin, it's money that talks to those people, action figures and merchandise. But if a small number of voices could get them glance in that direction, we might all get what we want; box office profit from the adult TMNT fans from a martial arts flick, and toys and merchandise and fast food kids meals from the cartoon.

So, let's see a mirage vol.1 inspired film trilogy. Give us an expanded origin, return to New York, and city at war. Work in Baxter and his mousers, work in Rat King, and Work in Leatherhead somewhere (heck, have him take Zog's place in RtNY, I don't care) The masks? Avoid the whole question, make them black, or something, or whatever. Borrow from other versions if it enhances the story, like reincarnation from IDW. But make a TMNT movie that feels like TMNT, and make it GOOD.

Look, I know this post probably won't unite this fandom, and it probably won't have any affect at all. For making this post I will probably be laughed at, insulted, or worse. I made this post for myself, to get this off my chest after all the arguments, the flame wars, and crud I've seen go on in this fanbase, while the studio churned out two cruddy movies. I'm not a plant, I don't have an agenda, and I don't' care if there are already a million threads talking about this I could've posted in. I wanted to say my piece on the subject of TMNT movies, and I have done so. So in short... I've changed my mind, and let's all unite for a TMNT based on the original work. That is all.
I'm totally behind this, I'm so glad someone else thought about this as well and brought it back it up. I remember the rumblings people brought up online when the first Bay Turtles film was coming up....having a united fandom front definitely helps out a lot.

Originally Posted by Andrew NDB View Post
That's all fine with me.

Me, I'd be grudgingly OK with the rainbow bandannas (pick your battles, you know, though the last thing TMNT on the big screen needs is a half measure... it needs to go all-in to escape the gravity well of the PD films' brown hole) as long as there's at least a bit with the all-reds.

i.e., big battle scene and the Turtles put on all red bandannas. They're whooshing around a factory/warehouse, trying to get the drop on a room full of like 20, 30 guys. Lights are flickering. The Turtles keep, I dunno, popping out and throwing shuriken at the bad guys (think, the dock scene in Batman Begins, but shuriken and blood and weapons strikes instead of fists and rope). It starts to go on a bit, and the bad guys really freak out, seeing all these red bandannas popping up, disappearing, and popping up again... "How many of them are there??" "I think I got one... sh**, there he is again!" "What happened to Larry? Where'd he go?" "There's ****ing HUNDREDS of them!!! GAHHH!!!" "AHHH!!!" Until they're all picked off.

I think that could be pretty awesome.
I would love the red bandanas to be a mainstay but I think with the way the franchise has gone the multi-colored ones are a must just for them to be recognizable to the masses.

Originally Posted by Panda_Kahn_fan View Post
Personally, I'd love to see Leatherhead, rat king, Hun, and a properly done Karai and Baxter as characters in movie one and two, With shredder being a big bad, giving orders and sending the foot out, until he has the fight with the TMNT at the end of the third film. Give hints of his prowess in the first two films- show him fighting in the flashbacks with Yoshi, and sparring with the foot, before breaking him out as a total beast in movie three.

No matter if the franchise is grim and gritty or not, Shredder will ALWAYS be seen as the big bad of the franchise. He should be held off for a big finale, tying up the circle, and bringing vengeance for the death of Yoshi and Shen. You can always follow that with a 'city at war', but he should be given a proper multi-movie buildup.
I agree, Shredder is a definite must.....if only for the first film. I do sorta appreciate what the OoTS sorta did with him in the second film....sorta if only because they were beginning to look like they were going to do a thing with him and Krang.

Originally Posted by AquaParade View Post
Of course I can get behind this. There's no guarentee we pull any weight, but there's always a chance to have your voice heard and considered.

My hope right now is for "R" rated films like Logan and Deadpool to have a large "gravitational pull" on the film industry, which even has some effect on properties usually considered for children.
Sure, it may not lead to an "R" rated TMNT flick, but I imagine there will be some type of reverberation that could reach Viacom. A wake up call that audiences can handle a little more grit.

As for taking action, I'm really not sure what we can do other then taking the time to tweet Viacom, Nickelodeon, etc. You hear more and more these days from companies who claim they are "listening to the fans" and "checking the forums". That's one way to go.
I seriously hope the "R" rated movement has some pull on this. I understand wanting to appeal to younger fans on this but come on. I seriously hope the companies keep tabs on forums like this....they better at least.

Overall I think the theme so far on this thread is "we need to keep shredder" at the very least as an element or some sort of shadow on the franchise. A trilogy for sure, and a "City at War" movie or aspect to that trilogy.
For sure the movie aspect of this needs tending to, especially with everything going on with Marvel and DC.....I wouldn't think this should be too far fetched.
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