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Originally Posted by Ramboraph4life aka Matt View Post
I don't understand why some people seem to think that it's just 'blind hate'. Or they look down on some of us who...yes...some of us don't think the movie will be good.

And they back up their own 'Opinions' (not facts, opinions) countless times. Whether you agree or disagree, that's another matter. But I've rarely have seen anyone just 'blindly hate it' without giving Multiple Reasons as to why they're questioning the movie...let alone thinking that it could be a bad flick.

*Designs that some of us particularly do not care for, not because it's 'different and new' but because some of us just think that they look terrible?

*Lack of really any action shown so far, for a supposedly 'action-packed, Big-Budget Summer release'?

*No Martial Arts fighting shown so far for a big-budget film that is supposed to be full of 'Martial Arts Energy' as said by people involved with the movie, as well as the countless references to Martial Arts Classics like Fist of Legend and The Raid Redemption? You can keep 'saying' it all you want. Until you show a taste (not a 'spoil the movie' thing, but a Taste), it's all just talk.

*No hints of showing how some of the Turtles such as Raph or Leo or such will even be portrayed personality wise in the flick? Or even any shots of the Turtles together as a family? Look at the trailer to The Avengers...and that last shot with all of them together as a group. Definitely worked for that one. These are your main characters who have actual personalities and relationships with one another as a family. The movie is supposedly very much about 'family' but so far you don't show any of that bond between your four main characters?

*Not even knowing what kind of tone the movie is going for?

Not even a denial from the makers to soothe some fans' worries in that this isn't just a 'human flick with the Turtles as side/supporting characters'? That wouldn't 'spoil' your movie...unless that IS how the movie is like...

And yet it's 'blind hate'? And hey, not once did I even mention Megan Fox or Michael Bay in any of those reasons up above...
Come on man this is the same sort of BS I heard when the Devil May Cry reboot hysteria was going on. The designs well aren't they real life turtles getting mutated in human form? I suspect if the team behind this movie just kept the classic look of brown belts, brown elbow and knee pads not too many people would cry about their design. As for the turtles themselves the ones I have issue with are Don and Raph. Donnie looks like he got way too much stuff going on and Raph looks like one of those caveman turtles from back in the day. As for action dude they only release two bloody trailers (one was just the first one with more shots of the turtles)and the action they did show all I heard from people they're ripping off The Amazing Spider-Man and people complained about the Donnie whipping Raph into that jeep clip.

The only point I will give you here(because you repeat the same point about action as filler) is that it could be like Transformers where the humans are center stage and the turtles are secondary characters in a movie entitled "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" I don't know because they haven't given out more detail since those two trailers and that brothers ad.

Lastly they got two months to put up or shut up about the action by releasing more trailers, clips and tv spots.

As for trending complaints about this movie.

1. Megan Fox as April. Oh they cast her for her looks. Nevermind fan art has her looking like a dancer from Scores.

2. Michael Bay. It's the internet fans who hate on Bay while standing in line to see whatever his latest release is.

3. designs.. again outside the clothes would you really complain about their look if they wore their traditional get up of belts and pads? Nope.

4. Racism... No not really the Shredder I'm sensing most fans love to talk about is the Shredder from the 2k3 era and that dude wasn't Asian himself.

5. Action and who is the real lead are vaild.
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