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Okay I have a problem. I am trying to introduce my version of the Mutanimals for the chapter I am working on, and I need some input. I have Hob and Rockwell so far; Slash and Leatherhead were already introduced earlier and will join them later. But I need four mutants that I can add to the group. I have Alopex, Sally, Herman, Mondo, and Man-Ray as possible additions. Does anyone have any other suggestions or ideas which of the ones name I should go with? Mona Lisa is already joining the turtle clan (as Raph's mate) so I'm not sure if Alopex would fit the direction of the story but I DO want at least one more female mutant. I just don't plan on having her in a relationship with Raph as seems to be the norm. This version of the Mutanimals will be a bit like the IDW version in their outlook but also sort of a "hero" team like in Nick. Help! I'm wracking my brain on who to use!!
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