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Okay, need some feedback before I go all-in here. For the scene I'm doing, which involves Leo, Leatherhead, and Mikey's "girlfriend" finding a lab full of mutants Shredder had created (with Tokka, Rahzar, and Slash tagging along after learning of their "boss"'s death- I'm using the TMNT II versions of Tokka and Rahzar as being very young) and so far I have Hob, Rockwell, and I've decided on Alopex as a third- mainly because I had already hinted at her in an earlier scene with Shredder commenting on turning the OC into a fox. Still need three more mutants in the lab, so how do Mondo, Herman and Koya sound? After thinking on it, Koya could make an interesting addition, replacing Pete as aerial support, especially if I tweak her background.
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