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Originally Posted by The Great Saiyaman View Post
The last airing of ROTTMNT on Nicktoons Holland was in the final weekend of 2019. I guess their thinking was "This hasn't worked, we'll air it one last time and when the new year starts drop it."

What's interesting though is that the 2012 series is not only in re-runs on Nicktoons Holland but also is aired three times a day, which was more often than Rise was ever shown.

Ratings are everything here.
Wow, at least someone still puts 2012 on. I rarely come across it now here. I hadn't expected it to disappear quite the way it has, but maybe they're just trying to force all the attention onto 'Rise.'

I do feel for 'Rise' fans if that branch of Nicktoons doesn't even bother to complete the season, but I guess a country that still cares about ratings ditching it says a lot.

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By median age of tumblr do you mean biologically or mentally?
Ouch, fair point.
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