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Interesting news.

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February 08, 2005 - While this may not be the description you'd expect from one of the toughest wrestlers and action stars around, The Rock is a soft spoken, nice guy. That's not to say that I'm not absolutely sure he could twist me into a pretzel, but just to say that he totally and completely negates the stereotypes many of us have about a pro wrestler acting in movies. He's well spoken, highly intelligent and approachable.

IGN FilmForce caught up with The Rock recently to talk about some exciting upcoming projects he has lined up. Mr. Dwayne Johnson also discussed some future hopes for his career.

After filming wraps in Prague for Doom, The Rock will take a brief videogame reprieve to shoot Gridiron Gang before returning to the Czech Republic for John Woo's Spy-Hunter. "Yeah, but I'm probably gonna do, well I know for sure, I'm going to do a movie first called Gridiron Gang before Spy-Hunter. Gridiron's gonna be with Sony and that is supposed to shoot [in Prague] as well. It's supposed to be."

Playing a gay country-singing bodyguard in Be Cool, The Rock is doing his best to break away preconceived notions or limitations many may have of The Rock. "I think after a movie like Be Cool comes out and a movie like Gridiron Gang, which is a true story, it's about hope. I don't want to place it into the same category as Coach Carter, because that was about the coach and what he did. This is about one man and what he did for all these kids. And all of these kids, half are alive, half are dead, but you care about each individual kid and there are stories about each one… It's really incredible. I think after a movie like that I really wanted to make movies in basically every genre and try to do well in it."

Rock promises he wasn't going after specific videogame movies, it just turned out that he was doing two of them. "Purely coincidental. You know what? I lucked out. Really, with a movie like Spy-Hunter, same studio, really went after the writing aspect… We had great producers with this, but with Spy-Hunter as well. We went after John Woo and really wanted to make sure that we delivered, and not just, you know, making a movie just because the video game was popular, [but] really making an awesome movie. And with Spy-Hunter, it's great. With the car and the comedic elements as well, a little bit of True Lies as well."

WWE is now talking about producing their own movies, but The Rock says his days of donning those tights are in the past. "No. They've been wanted for a long time to get into the movie business and, I'm not too sure, I think like low budget movies, a lot of them straight to video. I think they wanted to and were looking for different distributors. No, my contract is actually up with them, it was up last year, so I'm done…"

As far as expanding his horizons in the movie business, The Rock has a whole slate of plans for his career. Some may be a little surprising, but judging by how well his career has been progressing in the past couple of years, he may get a chance to do all of them. "Oh yeah. You know like in comedies, I'd love to do something with Will Ferrell. We have a couple of ideas. There was a movie, yeah, and it's a constant process. Sometimes I bog my own self down because I've got so much s*** in my head, man. What's going on here? Action-wise, I would love to do something with Jason Statham. I really, really like what he does. He was the guy from The Transporter. Yeah, I met him one time. He was really, really cool. Johnny Bravo is another one that's coming up. Do you guys know Johnny Bravo? Yeah, I'm not doing a cartoon on it, but yeah it's great; Very, very funny."
-- Jeff Otto

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