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Wait wait wait... so the intergalactic sh*t is ACTUALLY being used in this movie??? Whoa. Dunno how to feel.

On one hand, this should really just be the Shredder-And-Karai-Unleash-Bebop-And-Rocksteady-On-The-Turtles-Who-Are-Aided-By-Casey-Jones movie. Some say that's overcrowded, I think it sounds killer. But throwing Dimension X in the mix too??? That's mental.

Yet on the other hand, I wanna see Krang & the Technodrome in a movie. Been wanting that since the 80's. Like, as penny said, why not go "full retard" and throw in the kitchen sink. Especially since it's feasible that this could be the second and final PD TMNT. If it grosses less than the original, it's game over and we wait years (maybe more) for a reboot. If this really underperforms, it'll be forever til we get another live-action Turtles movie. Part of me thinks they should just go crazy & throw in everything while they can...

For all we know, the alien invasion they (apparently) filmed could be just an end credits tag or part of a cliffhanger ending. I'm sure we'll be able to figure it out even before the first trailer hits

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