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Like, stupid rich.
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Originally Posted by plastroncafe View Post
There's being tempted, there's following through on that temptation, and then there's blaming the temptation for the fall.
Again, I think the line gets blurry here... If you say "It was the temptation that made me do it!" aren't you technically blaming yourself by saying "I was weaker than the temptation"? It's bit of a circular way of thinking...

This isn't cheating.
Didn't say it was; merely stressing how common the lifestyle of having multiple partners in the film industry is.

Begin? People have been doing this from damn near day one.
The guy is very fond of his tropes, and there are folks who are very VERY vocal about not liking those tropes.
Sorry, yeah, I meant his newly detached fanbase following this news. I know he's always had his haters.

It's my understanding that Whedonesque was beginning to wind down anyway, and this just cut that wind-down shorter.
Ah, okay. I don't visit the site so I had no idea

Finding out this guy is a douche in his personal life might give me pause, or it might taint things of his that I love...but I'll still likely watch what he makes.
I think there was a thread about this not too long ago... I generally conceded that unless there was an occurrence that was personally targeted against me, I have no problem consuming art or entertainment from whatever source it comes. A favourite youtuber of mine, Passion of the Nerd, posted this and pretty much sums up my feelings...
I am of the belief that art, once it's shared, no longer belongs to the artist and is its own thing. I don't think any of what has come to light tarnishes Buffy, Angel, or Firefly and I try and stay out of news relating to celebrities personal lives. But like it or not, some of the complexity and nuance to Buffy is probably there BECAUSE Joss is a flawed and complicated individual.
Especially in the case of Whedon, where things like television and film have so many hands involved in the creative process.

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