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Originally Posted by sgtfbomb View Post
Can't wait! I feel like I've been waiting on this documentary for about a third of my life.
Wow-- I guess I have, too! Are you 36/37ish?

It's been screening in Canada with a great response from fans. The movie is in the hands of the distributors now, so we're in the dark on details. I'll definitely post when I know something, though.

pferreia, no details have been confirmed, but we're working on the longer version of Cleanin'. My first cut was around 4 hours, I'm guessing the more refined long version will be around 3.5.

I'm thinking Too Hot to Handle will be the same-- shorter version, longer version kitchen sink version.

The Buenos shot SO much interview material on GB and GB2, keeping it all limited to one documentary would have been a disservice to the fans and artisans behind the original films.
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