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Just bought mine. My first animated series purchase haha Haven't seen these since I was a kid.
Instant nostalgia as soon as the opening started. Awesome.
Really old previews before the menu though.

I'm curious what are the Season 1 and 2 sets that match this one?
'cus I seen a ton of the shows DVDs but I never kept track of what was where... they seemed like partial seasons and collections. Some had sculpted faces on the cases, some came with toys and looked like pizza boxes and etc (I know there was a set cut as "4 slices" that came with toys and together made a season, or something).

It's a lot to track and organize though so I never have because I don't know where to start.

Originally Posted by Powder View Post
Thanks! I'll see what I can whip up and post before Monday!
That's awesome man!
I would love to supply art for the inserts but my work station is still not with me.
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