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So, a little over a year ago lightning hit and destroyed the old barn beside my grandparent's former home; both date back to the 1870s so that was pretty sad. (The house was fine, but even with a little distance between the heat melted it's modern plastic siding on the nearest side/corner.)

Pretty much the only thing that remained ok were the old doors on the front of the barn. (Note, it's a smallish barn originally housing horse and buggy, and then cars through different decades of modernization.)

My mother has remained somewhat in touch with the family who bought it in 2001 after we had to sell after my grandmother passed. (Can't believe it's been theirs for 14 years already.)

After the barn burned, they did not get rid of the doors. My mom had told the guy last year, when she stopped in after the fire, it that if they decide to get rid of them to let us know. He's a creative landscaper sort and it's a decent sized piece of property so it was possible they might work it in somehow or use it in the new barn/garage they'd put up. And we're glad that this is a family who appreciates the place similarly to how we did.

But we've now been told that if we want them we can come up sometime and get them, so we'll probably do that tomorrow. Just a couple old 140+ year old barn doors, but it will be cool to have them with so much history attached to them.

Note to self... remember to go say hello to an "old friend" (who happens to be a big old hallow, but living, tree) out in the 'field' behind the house. Back before it sold I'd left a note in a drawer to the next owners asking them to watch over it and why it was sorta special.
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