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Chiming in with my two cents here- the issue Zar mentioned with Peter and M-J having a future with two kids (the one in which Pete was visited by the One Above All) was WELL before the beginning of the OMD arc. I have the issue somewhere, and it was, if memory serves, tied to the Other storyline. Peter was having doubts about his life as Spidey after killing Morlun (again) and the point was to reassure him that his efforts and sacrifices were well worth the past cost- or something to that effect. Basically it was a sort of "Its a Wonderful Life" type of story.

As for Annie- yes she is indeed intended to be that second child- the one Mephisto so cruelly hinted would never be because Peter took his deal. The interesting thing with her is that you get a three-way namesake- Aunt May, Mayday(who would have been Aunt May's namesake to begin with) and Anna May Watson. May seems to be the traditional name for Parker women for some reason. And even in the aborted alternate future from the "Happy Birthday" arc in which Peter had achance to prevent his past self from ever being bitten by the fateful arachnid, their son was named Ben. So there have been several alternate timelines with future kids now- though that one ended badly, with Peter killed by a SWAT team for being a fugitive after accidentally killing a crook.
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