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Originally Posted by ZariusTwo View Post
Much the same as a universe where everything from the begining to 2010 exists for the Spider-Girl comic with no Spider-Verse affecting Mayday or her family there (as hinted in one of the supporting stories by Spider-Girl's creators during that story)
Yeah, pretty much. Might be a little anal of me, but its about the only way I can enjoy reading any 616 materials, so I'll take it. (Now, it only they'd do the same thing for Ultimate Spider-Man...)

Originally Posted by ZariusTwo View Post
I am hoping the RYV we see this year is from a universe which has a lot of the history intact, which has been the whole point of our discussions lately.
Any particular stuff you'd like ported over? (As long as the characterizations are intact, I'm actually not too fussy about the backgrounds or what stories fit on the same timeline. In fact, I don't really care whether RYV the series is in continuity with the Secret Wars RYV or not.)
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