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I think the differentiated turtle designs will stick around - and particularly a focus on making them look like teenagers. Regards eye colour, I think we will see the trick of having their eyes go blank when things are serious will return.

I dont know if Casey/April would be teenagers again, but I think that the door has been opened now and we might get some mix and match there (so adult Casey and young April for example).

I also think the Splinter/Shredder/Karai dynamic will stick. It worked extremely well overall I think and I wouldn't be surprised to see it again.

I would like to see Xever and Bradford in future incarnations though I'm not convinced we'll see them much unless IDW picks them up at some point.

I wouldn't be surprised to see the Shellraiser reappear at some point, and I would be very surprised if Metalhead ever returns to his roots as being an originally pseudo villainous character.

I also think that we are likely to see a more 'in his prime' Splinter appear again, rather than returning to the elderly master trope.

I'd like to see Shinigami explored a little more, same with Tigerclaw, but they do understand when people say that they are 'Nick' characters. Again, I think if they ever appear again, it would be because IDW did an equivalent first.
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