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I have the NES mini and SNES mini, and I have the PS1 mini already pre-ordered.

I realize there are cheaper options available, but I appreciate the novelty of the cute mini-console package. Instead of managing large, clunky systems that have outdated connections to my TV, I can simply stack them all together and swap out an HDMI cable as needed.

For the Nintendo systems, there is nothing like using an authentic controller. For the PS1, I do with they would have gone with the dual analog controllers, even at increased cost.

While I haven't gone through the process of hacking my Nintendo minis, I appreciate that I could spend an afternoon uploading the entire library of each system onto each console. And I expect the same will happen with the PS1. While I have very minimal nostalgia for PS1 games in general, there are a few that I will appreciate having an authentic experience for.

But if Nintendo ever comes through with an N64 mini... watch out. The Internet might just implode on itself.
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