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Why can't we have nice things?

Seriously. Do you feel that TMNT is perpetually doomed to be held within the realm of "kid fare" with a disproportionate focus on toy sales, etc. and that is something that will never change? Is the "feel" of the last two Platinum Dunes movies simply the byproduct of the same general motif surrounding the TMNT that's pretty much been there in everything "Big Media" before and after the 1990 film, or a specific agenda on behalf of Viacom/Nickelodeon? Is it something that can ever change, and do you feel the (rather spectacular) failure of "Out of the Shadows" (go back in, damn you!) helps things or is just a non-issue?

Secondarily, is it a coincidence that Viacom/Nickelodeon prevents things like the reprinting of Image Vol. 3, or certain "controversial" issues of the Archie comics while the Nicktoon is on something like crossover #4 or 5 with the Fred Wolf show? I mean, are they so committed to presenting the Turtles in the media in a certain (very, very lowbrow and kiddie) light that they want to ensure everything at large is more or less consistent with that light?

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