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I've posted this a few times before but I lost interest in New Leaf after my file got corrupted for no reason and I lost everything I had. I've tried to get back into it but I just can't after that, it didn't help that I had already gotten tired of the game before that. I also can't see myself getting into another AC unless there's more changes. NL was good as a perfection of the original formula but I'd want something more, it'd be neat if they combined Tomodachi Life with AC somehow.

Anywho, in New Leaf villagers leave all the ****ing time, sometimes after not picking the game up for 2 weeks and every neighbor was new in the Gamecube game it took a while to get another villager and it was a big event. And while I hated when some of my favorite villagers left, I didn't like that I had the ability to choose in NL because that is part of the charm of the original game, life is bitter sweet and sometimes you lose things you like but in AC while you may get a neighbor you don't like you also get to meet others you might like more. I really hope there's an AC for the Wii U that can rekindle my love for the franchise.
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