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Originally Posted by Leo656 View Post
Yep! And a lot of folks were like, "Nahhhh, it can't look THAT bad"... and then it was even worse.

Viacom doesn't "get it" and never will. They wanna shoot this year, with not even a whisper about a script or a cast. Everyone in Hollywood is a blabbermouth; we'd have heard SOMEthing if there was anything going on. If they do it at all, it's gonna be a slapdash rush-job with the bare minimum of effort. It's very possible that it could turn out even worse than the last two, hard as it is to believe. For one thing, we know for a fact they're not gonna spend anywhere near as much money. For a CGI-heavy action flick, that's bad.

It baffles me why anyone chooses to be hopeful about the future of TMNT films. The game is f*cking OVER, folks. It's not even me being cynical, it's simple analysis of the basic bare facts that exist. Hoping for anything less than total schlock from a live-action TMNT film ever again is an exercise in frustration. It's painful to watch. "But maybe....!" No. Stop that. They CAN'T make a good TMNT movie. They don't know how, and they're not interested.

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I did enjoy the 2nd film better lol. Yes there both trash, but the 2nd film did some what improve over the first film. Maybe the 3rd film will be on TMNT 3 level at this rate.
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