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Originally Posted by Andrew NDB View Post
Impeachment is a process, not a vote.
Pelosi knows this. And she knows that this was a show for the diminished Democratic party to appeal to "feelers" and people who respond more readily to empty context and signaling over information.

"Orange man bad, they are impeaching him" is a strong context for anyone on the spectrum who responds to heuristics. It's the same argument that the office manger who wants to fire someone uses when they say "well I don't think person xyz "would have, if".

It's an attempt at bottom of the barrel voter-aggregation. And it is completely empty of integrity.

It's awful that a section of the country is so far gone and out of integrity that they flow with the charade. But it's great that so many people recognize the truth and are walking away from this process and not in support of it.

Even the leftist representatives can't hide their lack of integrity - Talisha Rashib making a video saying that she's "On [her] way to impeach President Trump" as she smiles, marches down the hall like Brittany Spears in the Baby, One More Time video. Without a shred of thought about a greater good, or where her actions take things. Smiling on video like the unsure girl in High School who got vengeance on a guy who rejected her earlier and never got over it. That's the leftist leadership right there. On camera for anyone not previously intuitive enough to see it.

The conversations with the remaining remnants will only get harder however because as people continue to leave the current zeitgeist of the Democratic party behind we will be left only with the worst of the worst - the hangers on. Left behind in their soggy cave of hate, like a creature from a Tolkien novel.
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