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Originally Posted by Andrew NDB View Post
Yeah, it seems to me that largely the people rallying behind the -- as yet, incomplete -- impeachment proceedings acknowledge (deep down) that the "evidence" is not really much ado about anything... but at the same time they have this sense of, "But I KNOW he's done other illegal things, probably, and just really needs to go because he's awful so if this Ukraine business can help remove him then I'm backing that horse 200%!" Same as the "Trump is going to jail in 2 months for tax stuff!" thing, same as the "It's Mueller Time!" thing.
Right back atcha in the spot-on arena.

Originally Posted by FredWolfLeonardo View Post
Trump will persevere through all this, and go onto win 2020.
Probably. And we will see more of that cave-dweller Tolkien thing I mentioned above if it goes down that way. The remnants making the same mistake as Hilary's campaign - focusing on 200 people right in front of her but not the 2,000 empty seats.

Originally Posted by Sumac View Post
You take this things so so seriously.
Trump vs Democrats is not a battle between good and evil. Not even battle between democracy and tyranny.
It's a battle of one part of establishment vs another.
Exactly. The "battle" has been positioned as a fight against evil because of the leftist agenda. And the people that are so passionate about it tend to lack real information in their argument, but this makes sense because those same people so readily succumb to the leftist narrative and propagate it.

Well adjusted person - Trump definitely has his provacative methods but the economy is actually moving, job fullfillment is up, etc.
-this one draws from a belief system about the country and metrics-

Leftist hanger on - No. NO! We are weaker than ever and Trump is a misogynist.
-this one draws from personal social experiences and the feels-
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