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Originally Posted by Old Hob View Post
Thank you guys. I'm working at making them good. I hope people start following me I'm opinionated so I'm sure there will start to be a lot on there. At least that's the hope. Up next Donnie! Hope to have him up in the next little bit, about 20 min or so.
I want to follow, just put that widget on there. And from experience (of course, you don't have to listen to me), spread out your posts. No more than one per day. Or at MOST, twice per day. And if it's more than once per day, it better be interesting for me to want to read. That's my opinion. I just don't like blogs that post more than once per day, unless it's extremely interesting. But I do look forward to your reviews. Just don't get burnt out (easy to do as a blogger).
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