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Just saying hello

Hi; new to The Technodrome.

Ninja Turtles were probably my favorite thing growing up. I related most with Leonardo and Donatello (tied?), followed by Raphael; which is ironic since I dressed up as Michelangelo for Halloween once (I think I liked his weapon the best). These days I relate strongest with Raphael, but I'm still a think-tank like Donatello, and admire (plus sometimes borrow from) Leonardo's leadership, and am conscious to act responsibly like him. Still not a wild party-animal like Mike - and probably will never be; it's just not in my blood :p.

I used to wear Ninja Turtles t-shirts and baseball caps to school before it was popular to do so. (In other words, I got picked on for it.) I would always watch the cartoons, and collected the toys, and some comics. Oh and I loved the arcade & NES games.

I remember being captivated by the ambiance of the first live-action movie. The more recent ones are actually good, but the magic of movie-making - in general, is just not what it used to be. Human hands had to figure out how to create things to look good on screen. Now it's all CGI, so it almost feels cheated in a way, but I gotta give the animators credit for extraordinary work & patience to produce the eye-candy that I tend to take for granted. At the same time, it removes any limitations on what could be done decades ago. Everything just feels overdone and over-the-top in every action flick now, and nothing I see on screen can make me go "Wow, I can't imagine how they did that." (because how they did that is by spending countless hours in front of a computer), so the sense of wonder is almost gone.

Thanks for reading.

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