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Originally Posted by Vegita-San View Post
re stuff not needed.

stuff like the Worm Shredder. if the Real Shredder was kept around up until at least issue 22, it would have provided a more satisfying ending to him and given him a bit more to do.

of course, all that is hindsight. who knows if it would have worked out the same if that had been the case.

I don't think you ever would have gotten a funeral pyre and helmet on sword in a kids cartoon. i'm shocked we even got the head chopping.
You’re right that we wouldn’t have gotten that in a cartoon. Cartoons are limiting, whereas the Mirage adaption lived by its own rules.

Despite me prefering the Mirage version, I think Shredder picking his head up off the ground in 2K3 was pretty damn brilliant in the way it flipped fan expectations on their head, built up a new mystery, and got to have its cake too a bit with the “decapitation” scene all at once. Good stuff. Still, I’ll take the Mirage ending over that.

I can see why you feel that way about the Shredder. I find the worm-Shredder idea just straight up cool, weird, and fun, but it does sort of seem a bit random and meaningless.
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